Diehard Racing League

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2020 Points System


Race Points

1st = 43 points. decending by one point to 43rd at 1 point.

Bonus Points

Pole = 1 point

Win = 1 point

Lead a Lap = 1 point

Lead the most laps = 1 point

2020 Chase Format

1.) Drivers must complete 10 of 13 races to qualify for the chase.

2.) 10 drivers make the chase.

3.) Top 3 in points make the chase.

4.) 4th thru 10th are drivers with race wins, followed by most points.

5.) Race 1, top 8 chase drivers advance.(Bonus point rule)

6.) Race 2, top 6 chase drivers advance.(Bonus point rule)

7.) Race 3, top 4 chase drivers advance.(Bonus point rule)

8.) Race 4, Best finishing chase driver wins the chase championship.(Bonus point rule)

Bonus point rule for chase races

 If chase driver “A” finishes 10th with 34 points, and chase driver “B” finishes 3rd with 33 points and 2 bonus points. Driver “B” advances over driver “A”.


2020 Penalty System

Cautions, Black Flags, and Penalties

- Cautions - If iracing does not throw a caution, there will not be one.

- All cautions will be reviewed after the race. The admins will discuss and vote who's at fault, their decision is final.

- Cause one caution = No Qualifying

- Cause two cautions = No Qualifying and EOL next race

- Cause three cautions = No Grid next race

- The only black flags to be cleared are as follows: Avoiding a wreck and going down pit road, or getting wrecked onto pit road.

- incident limit of 16, when you hit 17  you are disqualified.

Incident with no caution

- Incident that don't cause a caution - Will have penalties handed out after the race if a protest is submitted.  

- Drivers that are causing an incident with other drivers every race may be parked at any given time.(This does not have to be a protest) 

-   Daytona & Talladega = No driving below the double yellow line to pass. If you pass another driver below the double yellow line, you must give the position back by one full car length as soon as possible. Failure to give the spot back will result in a black flag(stop and go penalty). If you pass below the double yellow line on the final lap(and you do not give the position back), you will be scored the last car on the lead lap. You are only permitted to go below the double yellow line if you are avoiding a wreck, or if you are forced down by another driver. All incidents of going below the double yellow line, will be reviewed after the race. Your best decision is to give the spot back, and then proceed.

Starts, Restarts

- The start and all restarts of a race will go on green flag only.

- Leader has lane choice for start and all restarts of the race.

- Jumping the start of the race, or any restart. A driver has one lap to give the position or positions back. This means if you restarted 20th, you go back to 20th. Failure to do so will result in last place points.  


- Keep in mind. This is racing, so there will be some trading paint from time to time. But understand this, if you push it to often or to far... You will get parked or booted for being over aggressive, causing wrecks, causing cautions, or causing unwanted drama.

- Above all. We are all here to have a good time racing each week. So when you hit someone, or think you may have caused something on the track. A simple apology goes a long way. 



1.) Protest a driver by submitting the time off the incident being comitted in the race replay. PM Seth Schultz in iracing. (all admins will be notified)

2.) A driver may appeal the incident by sending a PM to Seth Schultz with in 24hrs of being informed they have been protested. (all admins will be notified)

3.) If your protest is found that you are guilty, or you started it earlier, then you or both will recieve the penalty. 

4.) If you file OR appeal a protest, you will need to show proof by video, and/or describe what happened from your end. If you can not provide accurate lap information, we will NOT search for it for you. It is up to all persons involved to provide the information. 


How admins decide penalties

1.) If a Driver wrecks a driver out of the race intentionally. 

They will be parked a minimum of 1 race OR banned. Admins will make the decision together.

2.) Anytime a driver is protested (or causes a caution) and is found guilty for Language, bumping, spinning, or touching another driver. It will be kept on record. The admins will hand out a penalty in the form of a warning, suspension, or removal from the league based off a drivers performance from race to race in a season. (admins will discuss as a group to determine the severity) 

bumping/touching - Constant issue. You will be warned first. Then suspended if it continues.

Wrecking/spinning - 1 or more times a race OR  in multiple races. Warned and/or suspension based on severity.

Language - Cussing or Racial slurs at a driver or drivers will not be tolerated in the race server, iracing league page, or the league facebook group. If you call a driver out in the server at anytime you will have your chat muted. If you start drama on the league page or facebook group, you will be warned or removed.


New Drivers

1.) All new drivers will get to pick their number when they apply. The number 1 will be added to the beginning (1xx) to signify rookie/new driver to the series.

2.) All new drivers that start past halfway in the season, will keep the triple digit number until they complete the next season.

3.) If a new driver causes two cautions in their first race, they will be removed from the race. They may come back the following week.