Diehard Racing League

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League Rules

Section 1.0

To join the League

1.) You must be 18 years old or older.

2.) You must have a C class oval license or higher to join the league.

3.) You must have an A class oval license to join the Cup Series 

4.) You must have a working mic.

5.) You must have teamspeak for a race that is to be broadcast live.

6.) To race in the Diehard Racing League, click here to apply! (Read the rules first)

Truck Series & Xfinity Series Drivers (First race of night)

1.) New drivers must run 20 minutes of practice the night of their first race in the league.

2.) All drivers are allowed to run in these Series.

3.) Bad car control can get you removed from practice/race and/or disqualified for the race.

4.) If your removed from practice or the race for poor car control, come back next week and try again.

Cup Series Drivers (Second race of night)

1.) To apply to the Cup Series, you must have a Class A license, 1500 irating, and an average incident per race of less than 5.0

2.) New drivers must run 20 minutes of practice their first race in the league.

3.) Bad car control can get you removed from practice, and/or the race.

4.) If you are removed from practice or the race for poor car control, we will send you a PM regarding the incident.

Section 1.1

Car # 

1.) You pick an available number when you join the league.

2.) You can NOT change your number during a season.

3.) If you join the league, but don't attend a race. You will loose your car number. 

4.) You may keep your car number by sending a PM to a league admin. This will allow you to keep it for one extra race. If you don't attend that race, you loose it. 

5.) If two or more drivers want to have a new available number, It will be given to the driver that finished the highest in the last season points. 

Section 1.2


1.) You must have a mic for racing in the league.

2.) Broadcast race - You must join the apropriate teamspeak channel before the green flag drops.

3.) No random talking during the race's. Keep the talking to a minimum. 

4.) When in sim chat or teamspeak, be respectful of others in the league.

5.) No calling out other drivers during a league session at anytime. A Driver will be given one warning for calling someone out. Failure to comply to the warning will not be tolerated, and will get you removed from the race immediately. Take the issue/conflict to a league admin after the race/session. 

6.) A separate channel may be used for communication with a teammate and so forth. (whether it's a private channel in iracing, teamspeak, or other.) 

7.) You need to maintain contact through the in game chat at all times. Either text or chat communications. 

Section 1.3

Race night Practice

1.) Be respectful of others on the track.  

2.) Tow to pits, Pitting in, and pitting out, should be done properly and safely. 

Section 1.4


1.) Absolutely no talking the first 5 minutes of qualifying. 

2.) 5 minute 2 lap qualifying.

3.) You do not have to qualify.

4.) If you qualify, you must grid and start from that position. No pulling over or getting an E.O.L., if you don't want to start in the pack, then don't Qualify. 

Section 1.5

The Race

1.) You do not have to grid for the race.(unless you qualified)

2.) The leader may choose inside or outside row at the start, and on restarts of the race. 

3.) The green flag will start the race.

4.) Restarts - Once the pace car is off the racing surface, the leader may go. The leader must go when the green flag waves. No jumping or laying back. No brake checking or speeding up and down. 

5.) Daytona & Talladega = No driving below the double yellow line to pass. If you pass another driver below the double yellow line, you must give the position back by one full car length as soon as possible. Failure to give the spot back will result in a black flag(stop and go penalty). If you pass below the double yellow line on the final lap(and you do not give the position back), you will be scored the last car on the lead lap. You are only permitted to go below the double yellow line if you are avoiding a wreck, or if you are forced down by another driver. All incidents of going below the double yellow line, will be reviewed after the race. Your best decision is to give the spot back, and then proceed.

6.) If you wreck and can not get back to your correct position under caution, use the tow or ask for the E.O.L. black flag. The field will not wait for you. An admin may order you down pit road to avoid others from being black flagged as well.

7.) If a caution is not thrown by iracing, there will not be one.

8.) All drivers that are not on the lead lap, OR about to go a lap down within ten laps to go in a the race, will stay high out of the way of all lead lap cars. Failure to yield to lead lap cars will result in an immediate disqualification from the race.

9.) If your in a wreck, hold the brakes! We do not tolerate people getting wrecked by someone not holding the brakes.

Section 1.6

Points, Bonus Points, Provisional 

1.) You must start the race to get your finishing points.

2.) Bonus points are awarded for: Win a race, Pole award, lead a lap, lead the most laps in a race, Finish a race on the lead lap. (regular season champion gets 1 extra bonus point going into the chase).

3.) One provisional worth 21 points may be awarded to any driver that has already raced a race in the current season, OR any driver that raced in the previous season of any series within the league. Two provisional's maybe awarded for seasons longer than 10 races.

4.) No provisional shall be used during the chase. 

5.) Drop weeks - When drop weeks are used, we will not use provisional's. 

Section 1.7


1.) Race Tower Official (when used)- will remove and hand out black flags if needed. (E.O.L. black flag for causing a caution and clear black flags.)

2.) Tire sets (not in effect). When this rule is in effect, you will be limited to how many sets of tires you are allowed per race. If you exceed the amount given, you will be parked/disqualified from the race.

3.) All penalties will be handed out after the race. (with in 7 days of the violation)

4.) No intentional cautions. If found guilty of causing an intentional caution, you will be given a 25 point penalty and a one race suspension. This will not be tolerated.

5.) You shall be given a warning, probation, and/or a suspension for wrecking, voice and text chat, and mistreating of other members. The severity of this penalty is decided by the league admins as a group. 

Section 1.9

Removal of a Driver from a race

1.) Any Driver/Member can be removed from competition by their actions in communications or racing. This will be determined by the severity of their actions. The severity of their actions will determine if the driver remains in the race, or is disqualified from the race immediately.

2.)  When a driver is disqualified from a race for their actions in communications or racing, they will be suspended from the following race. League admins will then decide when, or if the driver can return to competition. 

3.) A disqualified driver will be contacted about their return to competition with in 7 days of being disqualified.

4.) A disqualified driver that is not allowed back to competition, shall be banned from the series, all other series they are in, and the league. 

Section 2.0

Removal from the Series

1.) A driver has the right to remove themselves from the series. 

2.)  A disqualified driver that is not allowed back to competition, shall be banned from the series, all other series they are in, and the league. 

Section 2.1

Removal from the League

1.) A Member/Driver has the right to remove themselves from the league at anytime. 

2.) A Member will be removed from the league after two full season's without participating in any series within the league. This member may come back at anytime.

3.) A disqualified driver that is not allowed back to competition, shall be banned from the series, all other series they are in, and the league. 

Section 2.2
Leaving the league

1.) A driver may leave the league at anytime. A PM is much appreciated to let us know the reason, which may help us in the future. 

2.) A driver that left the league on good terms with the league, may re apply in the future if they would like to come back.

See you on the track!!