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Congratulations to Nathan Rhew on getting the pole with a smoking 42.564 and winning the first ever DAYTONA SHOOTOUT!!

Thomas Romig took the 2nd spot in Qualifying with a 42.680!!

Front row will be Nathan Rhew and Tom Romig at Daytona on July 9th!

Starting grid for the Daytona 190
1st Nathan Rhew
2nd Thomas Romig
3rd Dale Robertson
4th Randall Faulks
5th Seth Schultz
6th Wes Hurd Jr.
7th Jeremy Johnston
8th Nick Krischke
9th Gil Gauck
10th Paul Zotta
11th Victor Jennings
12th Mark Eygabroad
13th Bobby Everhardt
14th Brad Spidle
15th Tim Marlow
16th Brian Bennett
17th Kevin T. Turncoat
18th John A. Schulte

19th Bruce Pearson

20th thru 43rd will be filled by drivers that missed the Shootout. Max grid for race will be 43 drivers. All who made the Daytona Shootout are locked into the Daytona 190 on July 9th.
Top 20 in points will be locked in from week to week thru the season.

The finish of the 20 lap Daytona Shootout saw the 25 of Nathan Rhew getting the #5 of Dale Robertson loose, and taking the win by .013 seconds! 

Other drivers pictured are 3rd place 51 Randall Faulks and 4th place 27 Seth Schultz.


Week 1 July 9th


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